Saturday, 30 August 2014

"Blue becomes red, and red becomes blue, and your mummy suddenly becomes your daddy, and everything looks like a giant cupcake. And you keep laughing, and laughing, and laughing. Nothing is quite the same really. And after you finish laughing, it's time to turn into a frog yourself. Its very funny to be a frog!"

If I had a choice, Kermit the Frog and I would be best friends. As this is unlikely to ever eventuate, wearing a gazillion Kermits will have to do instead!

 I found this awesome fleece fabric on ebay I think, a couple of years ago and have wanted to make a jumper out of it since moving to a place that actually has cold winters. This project was about 15th on my list but made a giant leap frog hop to the top after I saw Amy's version of the new Capital Chic sweater pattern called White Russian. I had been searching for the perfect jumper pattern but nothing jumped out at me until now!

This jumper was so quick to whip up, in fact the longest part was taping together the pattern and then tracing my size. With the sizing I went with the finished garment sizes instead of the body measurements and I'm so glad I did because otherwise this would have turned out two sizes bigger. I wanted a closer fitting sweater so that's why I did that, and with this fabric it was a good decision. The next one I make will be the next size or two down but with a fabric with more stretch. This fleece has one way stretch and the way I had to cut the pattern was against the grain due to only having a yard of it. Sooo, no stretch at all across the bust, and a looser fit around the waist.
I used a contrasting ribbing for all the cuffs and bands, but I think they came out a bit too loose. I also increased the seam allowance for the neck to 2cm to just get a slightly slimmer neck band. Will definitely be making more next winter, this one is almost over!

For the Ears!
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