Tuesday, 30 September 2014

"There's a little girl who says bing bing bomb, Hello, oh, oh"

Well my baby turned 1 and to celebrate I thought I'd make her this little romper to romp around in. Little did I know that the day of her party would be freezing and stormy where the days before and immediately after were PERFECT! Anyway, that is why I didn't manage to get a nice photo of her romping around in the sunshine as per my hopes.

I used Simplicity Vintage Baby pattern 1600A and found this adorable quilting cotton at Spotlight. It wasn't until I had nearly finished the romper that I'd realised where I'd seen the illustrations before. As it turns out, my eldest daughter had this very picture of the little boy and girl on a poster in her room when she was a baby! It came out of a Frankie magazine. I'm not sure who the artist is but I think it's pretty cool that it appears for both girls in different ways 7 years apart! 

For the Ears!
The White Stripes: Little People