Sunday, 16 November 2014


A door stop!
Meet Alt-J. So called after my daughter was disgusted that I called our rock door stop 'Rocky'. Apparently all rocks are called Rocky so she named ours Alt-J. And I guess he does have a triangular shape to him;)

I found this pattern here and immediately fell in love with the cutest door stop I've ever seen.  Instead of felt as used in the original I used grey ribbing as it was what I had around and just drew out my own similar template (no printer....).

Alt-J (the door stop not the band) has greatly improved our lives (although the band too already has!) now that we can have the front door open for the breeze to come in and not slam shut as it use to. Good breezy times all round:)

For the Ears!
Pixies: Where Is My Mind?

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